Oh Baby

Beyond her moments of being ‘scay-wed’ of my growing belly, Kaya is incredibly curious about all things baby. I have read many, many, many times her new big sister book, a lullaby book, and the Robert Munsch I Love You Forever book. Her 2.5 year old brain has thus combined all three into a story all her own. This is how she tells it:

Momma come home with baby
Oh baby, oh baby
I’m a big sister now.
Oh baby, oh baby
Oh baby, oh baby!

I am 2 years old!
Oh baby, oh baby
Oh baby, oh baby
The End.

She then proceeds to pat herself on the back for such a brilliant job.
“Good reading Baby Penguin. Good reading Kaya!”

Being so curious and enthusiastic, Bal and I consider taking her to the ultrasound with us. We end up vetoing that idea in favour of being able to savour the moment ourselves without having to chase, scold, entertain and distract a toddler in a dark room full of million dollar equipment. According to the technician (Techy), our choice was the right one.

Besides, Bal wanted to really focus on the screen this time to see if he can see a penis*.  I suppose because he is a man and thus his brain is controlled by his penis, this makes him believe he can see a 1cm appendage on a grainy ultrasound that is cross sectioned, angled and moving with no training whatsoever.

During Kaya’s ultrasound, he did see it. The elusive penis. Kaya is a girl.

Penis-for-Brains assumes he is an old pro now though. He can see it this time. He’s sure of it. Too bad the first thing he says is:

“Oh, look at those feet!”

Techy and I crinkly our brows, sigh, and look over at him. I muster up a Penis-for-Brains style retort so he can understand.

“Dude, that’s the brain.” which is exactly what Techy had just been explaining had the Penis had ears.

Putting the giggling aside (don’t make me laugh man! Do you know how much water I had to consume to be here?), the ultrasound continues. It is more impressive than the same one we had with Kaya. We see distinctly the four chambers of the heart and are in awe of the rhythmic pumping and valve opening and closing. We see the full femur and lemur (wait, isn’t that a monkey or something?) We see 10 toes and all limbs. It is much more detailed this time. La Buga  is in a fabulous position. We are proud. I envision sharing the pictures with Kaya and getting her even more excited about being a big sister.

Until the pictures are printed. If they are not blurry, they are just plain scary. Had I not been a whimpering, broken-down, tortured prisoner of my over-floweth bladder running to the toilet faster than Michael Phelps tokes a bong races the 400m individual medley, I would have asked for some different pictures printed. Like the heart. Or spine. Or, most especially, the Feet-for-Brains. But all I could process as the ultrasound ended was “Must Pee. Must pee now…..”

These are the pictures we got:
Feet- it’s a little blurry but La Buga was rubbing its feet together. That makes me want to weep. The simplicity and beauty of that act.

profileProfile- looks like another Filipino mini-Bal!

Iron Man

Kaya had a Skeletor picture. We dub thee, Iron Man (Person). Iron Man is a contemplator. Note the hand under the chin as if in deep pondering and thought bubbles forming…

  • “Heeheehee, it’s funny to stomp really hard right here!” (here being my bladder)
  • “When Mommy farts, I feel all funny inside.”
  • “Beeeeelccchhhh”
  • “Dude…”

Yes, such deep contemplations. Maybe it is a boy after all. I will let you know when we do- late June. Until then, happy growing La Buga!

*It would seem that most people these days find out the sex of their baby. Our town has a policy of not revealing the sex. Which pisses me off on the grounds that this is my bloody body. But mostly I’m just cool with it because there is no bigger or better surprise in this Universe then that moment baby comes out and you get to meet him or her for the first time. Pure exhilaration.


One thought on “Oh Baby

  1. LOL to the “penis for brains”! I absolutely love the surprise of finding out the newest member to your family – penis or none.

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