The Pacific Rim

My husband and I just returned from a 4 night getaway to Tofino free of child and dog. Oh sure, there is a child inside of me but it does not yet cry. Or whine, or beg, or whimper or demand. It just kicks now and then. And insists wholly that Mamma wants, no needs, that $30 Seafood Hotpot. This child rocks (and rolls, a lot actually…)

In our room at the glorious Wickinninish, there is a guestbook sitting above the fireplace. There are honeymooners and travellers from afar leaving notes. There are families and ‘babymooners’ giving tips or just thanks. Here is our note:

Back home we have a new business, a hilarious and busy toddler, a whiny and somewhat spastic dog and relationship stagnation. We also have baby #2 on the way. We are tired. We need this getaway.

While here, we have encountered sun, snow and storm. We have taken brisk morning walks and indulged in long, luxurious afternoon baths with a view (oh what a view!). We have eaten seafood hotpots and drank gourmet hot chocolates by the fireplace. We have been in awe of the crazy surfers and equally so, the meditators. We have talked, scrabbled, cuddled and slept (to some snores but mostly just to Nature.)

Clarity has come through emerald waves, misty shores, fresh snow blanketing the seascape and rhythmic tides. We remember Balance. We acknowledge the Important Things. We are ready to bring the Pacific Rim’s Spirit home with us and teach that to our kids. Rather, they will be our guides. We forget that this lesson they know. Intrinsically and purely, they know.

“Ones destination is never a place,
but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller


3 thoughts on “The Pacific Rim

  1. Kari,

    These photos are stunning! Every single one of them takes my breath away! What a wonderful way to bless your new blog!

    I had the pleasure of spending a long, pampered weekend at the Wick during Winter Storm season a few years back, and found each step I took along the beach to be increasingly profound and deeply humbling.

    Bring it home.

  2. I echo Sheena’s comments — except the fact that I have not yet been to the Wick. Probably most impacting was reading your works and realizing the reflection on my/our own state. I need to find a Wick for us…good for you guys!

  3. Thanks ladies! One of my favourite things about being away was taking photos again. It’s such a calming hobby for me. And in Tofino, everything is just so gorgeous!

    Yes Nicki, I highly recommend finding a Wick and getting away for a few days. We also made a rule of no laptops and no tv. I’m so thankful we did it because we were drifting further and further apart without even really realizing that it was happening. So good to just slow life down and remember what really makes us happy.

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