Conversations With a Two Year Old

“Are you farting Kaya?”


She somersaults over my legs and begins building blocks. A short time later:

“You fart Mommy?”

“No, that was my belly gurgling.”

“Let’s see!” as she whips up my sweater.

“No, you can’t see belly gurgles. They’re inside.”

“Let’s see!” she persists.

“You can’t see them. You can only hear them. Can you see farties?”

“Yes!” as she whips down her training undies and shows me her bum. Then she runs across the room asking “Bath? Bubbles!”

Which meant, I think, she wanted to show me her bubble farties. Ah, the profound wisdom of a toddler! (which came, of course, from the profound wisdom that is my husband.)


Kaya lunges onto my belly unexpectedly.

“Be careful Kaya. You have to be gentle with mommy’s belly.”

I lift my shirt.

“Can you say sorry? Give my belly a kiss.”

She looks uncertain and blows it a kiss.

“No, a real kiss!” I encourage.

She pulls my shirt back down.

“No! Scared!”

“You’re scared of my belly?”


Good start to this whole big sister thing I think.


3 thoughts on “Conversations With a Two Year Old

  1. When are you due? Did you get my last email message. I was in Canada for a month up until yesterday. I hope you are doing fine. ~ Stacy

  2. You’re a phenomenal writer. I stumbled on this blog by mistake, but am a new subscriber.
    Your stories are beyond interesting, and I can easily hear you as some Juno-type voice-over narration person.


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