Dear Kaya Koo-Koo,

Happy Birthday my girl!!

You are two! Which is why everything is double-doubled I guess. Daddy Doo-Doo, Riley Roo-Lou, Miga-Miga, Sumi-Lumi, Dora-Dora.

Two, is a wise age. Daddy and I may be teaching you vocabulary and manners and right from wrong but it is your life lessons that guide us all as a family. You see, us adults, we tend to complicate things. We over-think. Or over-do. Your values are innate. Simple. Fun.

Your creativity, imagination and giggles are flourishing. And like Dr Seuss, you know,

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”

That is an important lesson.

In your eyes, my framed Chinese character picture is actually a ‘pretty kitty-cat!’ Driftwood is an elephant. A crumpled napkin is a horsey.

In your eyes, tea parties with orca spirit bears & dinosaurs are common place. Ladybug stickers placed on our noses is hilarious.

In your eyes, trees do not simply blow in the wind. They dance in it. (Move it trees Mommy!)

In your eyes, sleeping with hippos, elephants, giraffes, octopuses, and any other pretend living stuffy around, is all that is necessary for a good nights sleep.

In your eyes, dancing wild and free is just that… Wild. Free.

Oh, and Fun!

We should all be so lucky. Fortunately, Daddy and I are. So lucky.

Of course, the two’s are not called Terrible for no reason.

You are perfecting the art of the tantrum and fine-tuning your whine. You are getting good- too good.

“Don’t want it!”

is your favourite sentence, often accompanied by a wicked throw of your cup/stuffy/food/body until your point is clear and inescapable.

Usually it does not last too long. You are a happy soul so a swift tickle, fancy feet, song, book or somersault often ends the tears. Then you will sing. ‘Tinkle, tinkle’ or ‘ABCB’ or ‘1,2,3,4…’ (usually missing 9) or ‘Wake up Bunnies! Hop, Hop, Hop!!!’ You love to sing but you are shy so outside of home you usually hum quietly, under your breathe. Your daycare teachers keep catching you though so you are not nearly as sneaky as you think you are!

At home you love to talk. You love to repeat and practice words and string together sentences.

“Toons peeze?! Okay!” Without ever waiting for actual permission.
“Oh No, What happened?” Said constantly with the most worried of expressions.
“Bye Dudes!” learned from Daddy. Though he denies it!
“Buck-a-Boo!” You have us converted. I will never say Peek-a-Boo again.
“Bless you Riley-Roo” Sneezing is funny!
“Go Hockey Go!” while waving a towel. Hockey is fun but apparently you have yet to pick a team.

Your vocabulary continues to grow. Just the other day you yelled “Oh Man!” in the bathtub. Daddy and I had no idea where you got that from until we watched Dora the Explorer. What a bad influence that Swiper the Fox is! (Shhhhh, do not tell Daddy about you oh-so casually repeating A**hole while Mommy was road raging in the car.)

Apparently on the road to three will bring more tantrums too.

But it will also bring more lessons. As your mom, I will teach you some of them. As my daughter, you will teach me some of them. I look forward to both opportunities.

Love and Cuddles, Cuddles and More Cuddles (You have become such a cuddler!),
Mommy Moo-Mi

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.”- Eric Butterworth


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