Moments to Remember

Kaya- “What’s Riley doin’?”
Mommy- “Riley’s eating Dora.” (Kaya’s Dora ball just to clarify)
Kaya- A look mixed with horror, confusion and wild amusement ensues.


I cut Kaya’s hair.
She looks in the mirror.
“Hi Dora!”


Whining is annoying. Our practice baby never has been broken of this bad habit. So we are determined to be better parents this time around.

“Cooooookies?!” –Imagine pathetic, high pitched, lips quivering tone in her plea here–

“No Kaya. Say it nicely.” her parents implore.

“Nicely!” –Imagine cutesy, eyelashes fluttering, enthusiastic (laced with just a twinkle of 2 year old sarcasm) tone here.


There is a Canada flag.

“Hockey Flag!!” Kaya announces.

“No, it’s a Canada flag baby.”

“Hockey Flag.” she demands.

And nothing we say will dissuade her of this fact.


Pretend Play

This stroller was supposed to be a birthday present. But she kept trying to push her bike and kept getting frustrated at getting stuck. So I caved and gave it to her, then tried to teach her to say “Thank You Mommy.” She ignores me. “Say ‘Thank You Mommy'” I implore. No response.

10 minutes later, as she runs by pushing Sumi and Miga, she catches my eye, smiles and says, “Thank You Mommy!”

Sometimes I feel like a really good Mommy 🙂

Morning Tea Party with Miga and Dinosaur.

“Mmmmmm… Licious!” she fake drinks. Then,

“Kaya’s turn. Mommy’s turn. Miga’s turn. Dinosaur turn!”

Sometimes I feel like we picked a really good daycare. (Cuz she didn’t learn all that sharing stuff at home!)

Kaya, Miga and Mommy all enjoy ladybugs on their noses for the morning. Just because.


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