Who Needs Parenting Books?

I read a few parenting books while I was pregnant. I attempted to read a few, or even one, in the first 3 months of Kaya’s life. I have not read one since.

You see, Kaya is my guide. She let’s me how I am doing. She is not shy about letting me know what she needs. She wanted to leave our co-sleeping arrangement. Even though I was not ready to let her go at 3 months, I let her sleep in the bassinet right by my head. She let me enjoy that for maybe a week until she got what she really wanted. A whole crib in her very own room to herself. I was not ready. She was. She also let me know that I was trying to feed her too soon. And that she was finished with breastfeeding. She asks us to go for naps and bedtime if we’re running even 15 minutes off schedule. She’s pretty good at knowing what she needs. So I just have to let her tell me.

This is all very strange for me. You see, I am a reader. I love books, magazines, blogs, and more books. Fiction, Non Fiction, Kids, articles, etc. But in the case of parenting books (of which there are many), I have ignored the entire genre.

Until now. Maybe.

I have been postponing looking into the dreaded potty training. I have no clue what to do, how to or when to. Today, Kaya told me.

We are at the library. There is a door by the kids reading section. She runs over and grabs at the handle (new favourite toy) but it is locked. It is the kind of handle she knows how to use and knows how to open so this locked situation is peculiar. She looks at me and tries the handle again. Locked. She runs off to the puppet theatre and stays distracted for awhile. But upon boredom, she runs to the door and tries again. Locked. We enter the aisles to pick some books to check out. After choosing her five, she runs to the door at another attempt. Locked. We sit down and read a few books. She peers over the books at the door.

Then she looks up at me with wide, adoring eyes. “Mommy?” she pleads “Go potty pease?”

Because she wants in that bloody door! She thinks it is the bathroom. It is driving her crazy. So she asks to go potty. Which, besides her Gammy trying to teach her about potties 2 months ago on babysitting duty, and the potty in the bathroom which has so far only been used as a step stool, has NEVER been taught to her.

Her attempted slyness taught me that not only is she terribly cute and hilarious and smart, she is also ready to be potty trained. Now if only her mom and dad were as ready…


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