The Devil Wears Sweater Vests

I’m a liberal Liberal. I have always voted Liberal. I thought I always would. But this year I am unsure for a variety of reasons.

One of which being, that the Liberal candidate for my riding is the current mayor of my town. I do not really know how to describe him adequately. I find him a bumbling, back-tracking, uninspired, lacking-in-vision sort of fellow. He is more a prime candidate for a comic strip than a political leader. Thus difficult to take seriously enough to vote for.

Speaking of taking seriously, how about Stephane Dion? I don’t know what it is about him. Sure, his English is not fantastic, but neither was Chretian’s. There is something more. Something I can not place. He just does not seem to be a leader. Maclean’s magazine suggests Harper’s campaign ads have been effective in casting him as a wimpy guy. He countered by airing ads of his manly-manness- fishing and snowshoeing. Only it came across as a wimpy fisher, a nerdy snowshoer.

Then Harper shows up. In ads that effectively portray Harper as a leader. As a guy who can keep our economy afloat in highly uncertain economic times. As a guy who promised and succeeded in cutting GST and providing the $100 child tax benefit. A guy who believes in family, blue collar workers and sweater vests…

Sigh. But if you are bothered to look just a little bit deeper, you will call a big fat BULLSHIT. Cut GST but at what cost to our health, social and arts programs. Decreased taxes but mostly for corporations and executives. $100 child tax benefit that pays a whopping 12% of my monthly daycare fees after months on waitlists in the more affordable community services daycare, never to get on, and finally enter a private and more expensive daycare* because I HAVE NO FUCKING CHOICE. Oh and the list goes on. Refusing a carbon tax even though it is, in fact, visionary in it’s ambitions. Tough on crime? Sure, expand prison space dude even while cutting daycare spaces. Makes perfect sense. Even though stats have proven worldwide that by investing in our children, your investment will be returned two-fold. At least. Which means successful teens, young adults and adults. Not prison.

Sadly, locally, it is the Conservative candidate that is most appealing. He is a family man. He speaks English, French and Mandarin. He seems authentic. Only I can not support him as a Conservative. I just can’t.

So where does this leave me?

Green Party- Local candidate was the Liberal candidate until kicked out for some shady spending ‘irregularities’. He went independent until the Greens got him. He’s dodge. Power hungry I think. Although power hungry and Greens are a kinda funny combo. Also, what do the Greens stand for besides environmental policies? Of that, I have no idea although I am willing and wanting to learn.

NDP- Ummm… well former candidate just resigned over video popping up of him smoking a mouthful of joints at once, taking LSD and driving while stoned. Ah yes, all those family values and health care issues apparent here. Apparently a new guy is being announced, Bill Forst. His name is on their website but the links to him do not yet work. At any rate, I am intrigued by the NDP. I watched Jack Leighton on morning news this morning and I like him. He seems real. He does not wear sweater vests. And that is enough for me to investigate further…

So, locally I have the upstanding (seemingly) guy I can not vote for on policy, the probable money-laundering cheat, the bumbling idiot, and the guy who is the last minute replacement for a druggie. Fun times. This is almost as good (aka- pathetic, soap opera-esque, ridiculous) as the American race.

Democracy? Ain’t it grand?!

*a daycare which, I would just like to note, we adore despite the high cost.


2 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Sweater Vests

  1. I, too, am not shy about letting people know who I vote for.

    This year I am voting Green. As a long time Green supporter, I am familiar with their stance on issues other than the environment.

    A simple click will inform you as well:

    You will be most interested in their platform on child care: “The Green Party believes we need a high-quality federally-funded universal child care program in Canada.”

    That gets my vote.

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