Sensing an Artist

I am being punished for my previous post. Making fun of my daughter’s art! Shame on me.

After posting that, we go for a 2 hour walk through the trails near our house and I am reminded what I’ve known since the birth of my daughter- children are born artistic. They see things, know things, are things that us adults can not comprehend.

Going back to my major of psychology (Really useful degree by the way. Really…) Freud argued that we are essentially evil beings. Behaviorists insist we are neutral and only our environment dictates our actions. Humanists believe we are at our core, good, innocent people.

Hogwash and who cares to them all I say! Good, evil- blah. In the beginning, we may be both. We may be neither. But without an openness of mind, without imagination and creativity, we would not grow. We could not adapt and change and evolve.

Kaya reminded me of this today.

When she saw an elephant across the river.

There was no doubt. And after my adult brain initially resists, I quickly follow suit and realize that yes indeedy, there is an elephant on the other side of the river. “Elephant tired” I am told by my matter-of-fact 23 month old daughter. “Sleepytime” she decides.

We throw rocks for Riley and acknowledge this sleepy elephant now and then.

Soon, my adult ears hear but don’t really ‘hear’ seagulls squawking. Kaya ‘hears’ immediately and says “Hi Penguins!”

We throw rocks for Riley and nod hello to the elephant and penguins.

As the sun peaks through the clouds, my adult eyes see the sun glaring off the water and rocks. Kaya points to the middle of the river and ‘sees’ a turtle swimmin’.

We throw rocks for Riley and wave hello to the elephant, penguins and turtle.

Then it is time to go home. And we wave goodbye. “Bye penguins!” she exclaims certain they are just beyond that bend. “Bye turtle!” she smiles without a sun glare around. “Bye elephant!” she almost whispers, then, “Noches!” (Because her Dora bedtime book always says Buenos Noches at sleepytime.)

We head home and as I am pondering my imaginative, creative little girl, she looks up into the trees blowing in the wind and smiles. “Move it trees, Mommy!”

Which is her way of telling me, (after far too many viewings of Madagascar’s ‘I Like to Move It, Move It’ video)

The trees are dancing.

Yes, she sees things that I do not. But I am learning.


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