On Being a Bad Mother

This was sent home from daycare:

I call it “Two Blotches”. Let’s be honest here. It is not my daughters best work. This has no artistic flare whatsoever. Not even any sign of some messy, finger-gooey-frolicking fun either. Still, this is what they call ‘Art’ at daycare and I suppose they expect me to post it on my fridge and ‘oooh & ahhhh’ over my genius abstract-minded daughter.

Instead I will post it on my blog and make fun of it, then note that my genius abstract-minded daughter has done much better work. Only on that occasion it was with poo. I called it “Poo- On Body”

We are an ultra talented family.


One thought on “On Being a Bad Mother

  1. I like to call it “minimalist” or maybe “paint conservationist”. I know this because Max’s artwork looks surprisingly similar. We would laugh at the large piece of paper we would be given with a line of orange on it. “Works of art” they would tell us. Many of them now fill scrapbooks which we will show to him later and dispute his artistic talent.

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