Summer Reading Book Reviews

Non Fiction
Three Cups of Tea– Greg Mortenson

Synopsis- Poor climber dude fails attempt at Everest but conquers Muslim extremists, self doubt, isolation and Taliban to builds schools for all kids (girls included) throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Good- An inspiring, captivating and impressive journey but not in that sickening goody-two-shoes sort of way.

The Bad- Makes me own up to the fact that if the author also has no money, a young family, and limited time, then I too could be doing more for our world. (Okay, so that’s not really a bad thing but dammit, selfishness is so, so much easier…)


Breaking Dawn (and the first 3 in the saga too)- Stephanie Meyer

Synopsis- Vampires and Werewolves and eternal love, oh my!

The Good- 700+ pages of pure escapism that leaves you with the slightest of crushes on a certain hilarious bff werewolf.

The Bad- Like, this book is sick and so what if it’s Teen Fiction and I am so not a teen. My bad.

Fiction– For Adults (Not as in Erotica Adult but as in Not-Teen-Fiction for Adults)
What is the What– Dave Eggers
Synopsis- a fiction book that is not fiction at all but is made all the better for it by being called fiction.

The Good- A book that makes you cry and laugh and throw the book in anger is a good fucking book.

The Bad- Intense and brutal and depressing, make sure you read it while in a ‘good’ space in your mind.


The Animal Boogie-Debbie Harter
Synopsis- Lotsa boogie, woogie and oogie-ing!

The Good- Fun song with vibrant pictures of jungle life that lets you and your little ones shake and boogie and sing!

The Bad- Like every ‘favourite’ book of your kids, get used to singing it over and over and over again (and forget about attempting the skip page trick cuz my daughter is not even 2 and she’s got it memorized!)


Siddhartha– Hermann Hesse

Synopsis- a spiritual journey that is at once real, fascinating, boring, beautiful and wise

The Good- a relatively quick, easy read filled with profound meaning and insight if you are ready to receive it.

The Bad- sometimes boring but always real. Hey, that could be my life…


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