Dear Job Applicant,

Granted, I am not hiring for a life-long career building position but that does not mean you just fold your resume into a paper airplane, spit in it and toss it at my face. Because that is what I feel like happened with the half dozen resumes I received for the barista position. So can I give you some advice job applicants that may get you this job and even life-long career building ones of the future?

Use spell check. Unless you thought that by putting ‘installing laminate flouring’ I would be confused and somehow equate ‘flouring’ with food related experience.

Don’t dress like a manky hooker* for the interview.

Once in said interview, NEVER ever NEVER bring up your previous job at another coffee shop whereby you were fired but you didn’t know why but maybe, and I quote, “The owner was on the rag or something…”

Put the damn iPod away. Only for the 10 minute interview. Seriously. Okay, this didn’t really happen but a friend and fellow retail manager joked this and we laugh only because we know the likelihood of it happening is very, very good.

Spelling is important. But spelling your own name right is REALLY important.

Thank you and you’re hired,

Co-Owner and Looker-Outer-for-your-Future-Success-&-Well-Being,
The Moody Chick

*please watch In Bruges for ‘manky hooker’ reference. Also a good reference for obnoxious Canadians, Kung-Fu, barely legible accents (ex. manky hooker heard as monkey hooker which is also very funny), American midgets and Colin Farrell in case you were looking.


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