Pemby Music Fest

Amazing music. Traffic jams. Yuddy-yah it’s all been said. The bands themselves sum it up best:

We’re in the car, seemingly on a Bridge to Nowhere only wishing we were doing the Speed of Sound. Finally at the End of the Line, Next Exit– Pemberton Music Fest! With tickets in hand (I Make the Dough, You Get the Glory, afterall) we’re All Fired Up and Runnin Down a Dream. Do You Realize Pemby only has Good Intentions? But 99 Problems on highway 99 make for a Hard Knock Life. And don’t forget all Them Kids Living Like Refugees in tent city. Still, with Lights in the Sky, Laser Beams, Evil Urges and bands that Will Possess Your Heart, we’re Fully and Completely Wicked & Weird and Happy. Everyone Nose, Pace is the Trick so ignore the Public Pervert and PDA‘s, then do the Sun Dance and enjoy Free Fallin to the Modern Music. Viva la Vida my friends!

Sam Roberts and Mount Currie

Flaming Lips Entertain

Tom Petty Rocks

Gord Entertains and Rocks

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