Festival Security

The Pemberton Festival seemed pretty serious about their security before the weekend started. They had a full page of Items Not Allowed on their website and I listened. No weapons, not even nail clippers. No bear spray even though we’re in bear country. No outside alcohol much to my dismay upon seeing the $7 smallish beers on site. No camel packs for hydration, umbrellas for when it rained or stuffed animals in my pack. No siree. I felt pretty confident about getting through this ‘strict’ security.

So I was a bit taken aback on day 1.

“Do you have any weapons on you?”


“Any alcoholic beverages?”


“Are you in possession of any potatoes?”

“Ummm, No.”



“Anything at all in the potatoe family?”


And they were. It was even on their website though I had failed to notice it before hand. The ‘No Root Veg On Site’ page, in fact, starts with a ‘We’re Serious!’ and ends with a US-customs-inspired ‘All patrons subject to search.’ Yup- they are serious.

So the community of Pemberton can rest assured that no potatoes made it into their farms to ruin their crops. In fact, Security sifted past drugs, booze, bottles and blow up dolls just to make sure not a root-veg seed entered the grounds.

On behalf of all 40,000 patrons in attendance, I say thank you festival security and a job well done!

The liquor stores cheers you.

Unsavory businessmen give the chest-pump 2 finger sign of ‘peace out’.

Gord Downie offers knuckles.

And Jay-Z is hooking you up for a job at Customs.

Cheers and many, many, many more Beers to next year!


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