Coffee (&) Time

I have not yet blogged about my new business. That is because I am too busy starting my new business.

Occasionally I manage a funny post on my daughter if only for my own sake in remembering things.

“Good remembering!!” sing-songs the purple lady with that horrible high-pitched-she-must-be-a-mother-to-6-kids sort of way.

Soon, along with the always ensuing hilarity of mommyhood, I also hope to be able to blog more on life as an entrepreneur, my business and maybe even sneak in a post or two on current events (note to self- Kaya repeating “Dude, wassup?” is NOT a current event).

Today, however, neither my brain nor my time restraint will allow any such intellectual post. So what I will do is post a link to an intellectual movie. THAT EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH. If you drink coffee, you should watch it. If you have ever visited Starbucks (or Blenz or JJ Bean or your local, independent coffee shop) you should watch this movie.

My business? A coffee shop. Why was choosing a fair-trade coffee company so important to us? This is why.


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