I can not find my phone anywhere. I have emptied my purse, shook out my bag, cleared off the table and searched my pockets to no avail. But the persistent ‘beep’ telling me there is a message keeps reminding me that it is near. I am losing my mind in the search.

“AAARRRRGGGG! Where the hell is my phone?!” I yell out in frustration.

From her highchair, Kaya smiles, points to her bike down the hall and says “Mommy, Phone. Daddy. Phone.”

Yes indeed. In the basket of her bike is my phone. And the beeping missed call? Daddy of course.


“Mornin’ Riley!”

“Mornin’ Mommy!”

“Mornin’ Daddy!”

“Mornin’ Train. Toot!”

It is 5:43pm.


I am changing my girls bum.

She likes to ‘help’, so often has her own wipe and does her own swipe. But today she just reaches down and touches herself.

“Button!” she reports proudly.


Games and Songs

1. “Down. Down. Down…”

She will keep saying this until one of us starts:
“Ring around the rosie,
Pocket full of posies.
Husha, husha,
We all fall down!”

And we do sing it. If only to watch the spinning til she turns green and falling/crashing into everything.

2. “BahYooGa! BahYooGa!”

‘Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea…’

And in a beautiful moment of synchronicity, a baby beluga was born at the Vancouver Aquarium where by we could watch every stunning detail on the news followed by the 7,629th read of the board book. Of course we should adjust it… ‘Baby Beluga in the small, confined pool. Swim so many laps seeing the same thing over and over and you swim so full of monotony and boredom…”

3. “Buck-a-Boo!”

Peek-a-boo of course. Which is said at every partially hidden body part, a dog in the other room or head-butt to the floor looking back through the legs hoping for a response from someone and when received a fit full of giggles 🙂

4. “Round, Round!”

Which must be from daycare and is probably ‘The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round’. Problem is, I don’t really know the song well enough for an extended-please-the-child sort of way so once I get through the wheels round and round and the door open and closed, my version consists of kids throwing food- SPLAT, and brakes failing to stop- CRASH. Probably not what they sing at daycare.


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