20 Month-Old Comedian


Kaya is awake. I am not. I bring her in bed to watch ‘toons’ and climb all over mommy. I also grab a diaper so I can change her in bed instead of actually standing at her changetable at this god awful hour. But I don’t change her and Kaya sees the diaper sitting in bed with us.

“Diapa Mommy! Diapa! Diapa! Bum! Diapa! Bum! Bum!” Kaya squeals gleefully.

Mommy keeps her eyes closed and ignores her entirely.

“DIAPA! BUM!” she persists.

Mommy ignores.



“MOMMY…” she waits for me to open my eyes.

I do. There is a diaper placed over my daughter’s head.

“HAT!!!” she blurts and giggles in delight at her own exceptional cleverness.


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