Boots n’ Toots

Before having a daughter, I was terrified of raising a girl. All that pink and hysterics (in giggles or cries) and drama.

This, of course, is ridiculous and entirely sexist. I am a girl and I do not love pink. Boy bands never caused me to squeal. Drama was only ever for drama class and my mother (oh shit…)

I guess it is the girly-girl that frightens me. And only because I am not one and would not know what to do with one.

Now I have a girl. 20 months so it is still yet to be seen whether she is a girly-girl or more like me- tom boyish I suppose it would be called. And this is where my parenting struggles lie. How do I raise a girl to know that she can be whatever the hell she wants. One of these things, both of these things and all points inbetween if she so chooses.

How much environmental influence dictates whether she will choose dance lessons or soccer matches? And why are these assumed as more feminine or masculine? Kaya loves trucks and trains but I don’t buy her trucks and trains like I would if she were a boy. She has some but is not inundated with them.

She also loves dancing (and specifically watching herself dancing) and shoes. Is this more feminine than ‘tooting’ whenever the train passes?

I don’t know. It annoys me even that this has to be written or thought or considered. What I do know is that I have a girl who will wear her jewel-studded sandals to the train museum. That is cool. Raising a daughter no longer seems scary.

Not until the teenage years at any rate…


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