Everyone needs a little Toddlitude

I should not be blogging. I should be working on my new business. But I am a mom and my daughter is freakin awesome and I don’t want to forget these funny things she does at 1 year and 6 months old.

Dear Miss Kaya,

Another milestone, another letter.

You are a year and a half old and have uttered your first sentence!* A true accomplishment. And while I, and perhaps nobody in all of humankind, have necessarily placed these words together before, that does not mean you can not. “Boo bum!” is a completely legitimate sentence and don’t let anybody tell you differently.

And just so you know, my naked bum was not scared. It could sense those fancy feet approaching and hear the giggles of delight as you ripped open the shower curtain. You had done it several times before yelling simply “Boo!” so I hadn’t felt the need to play along this time. Perhaps this shocked you. Seeing my backside instead of a ‘Boo!’ back. But you stood your ground girl and didn’t back down. “Boo bum!” was exactly the right thing to say and for that, I am one proud mama.

Your vocabulary is growing every day. The most enjoyable part of my day, in fact, is teaching you invaluable words like Battlestar Galactica and Young and the Restless. But for all my efforts, you just blurt, “Cock!” which is your word for almost everything these days.

To be fair, you do have many other words. Apple, up, down, bum, bye, Riley, dog, toot, book, duck, gramma (said once on the beautiful invention that is Skype), no-no-no-no, toes, belly, teeth…

You also have the best sound effects ever. You toot, honk, beep, quack and moo all day. You also say “Wow!” or more often “Woa!” and “Oh!”, said in almost a gasp, every time you find something that fascinates you. The thing is, everything fascinates you. So you “Oh!” then point and wait for me to name the helicopter or train or truck that you’ve heard. Or tell you about trees and rocks and birds and the teenage couple making out at the playground.

Probably my favourite moment lately was throwing rocks and stomping in puddles. It is the quintissential simple child pleasure. And deservingly so. It is fun! So we stomp and splash and throw rocks as big as we can into as many puddles as we can. You go from puddle to puddle stopping along the way to pick up rocks to throw. Until you see one, solitary, white rock in the mix. It is different from all the rest. You know this. You sense its uniqueness. You pick it up like all the others, but this time you walk over to me and place it in my hand. Your first ever gift to your mom. You smile your smile of pure joy then run off, pick up more rocks and toss them again. Staring at this rock in my hand, I shift my gaze over to you and I too sense the uniqueness.

I love you my girl. Always and forever,


*First sentence was actually “All done” but that is boring. “Boo bum!” was her second sentence for factual future reference.


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