Awakening with Humour

So yes, I am one of the millions (although maybe only hundreds will seemingly admit it) reading Oprah’s latest book ‘A New Earth- Awakening to your Life’s Purpose’ by Eckhart Tolle.

The thing about this book is that it absolutely rings true to me. I believe in it. I trust it. But applying these teachings to my real life is a whole different story.

I have been journaling (as I always do) as I read and watch along with Eckhart and Oprah and it occurs to me that not everybody is ‘getting it’ as quickly as it appears from the emails and phone calls coming in. Everybody is nodding their heads in haleluja and saying how their lives have changed. What I have not seen is humour. Or people’s valiant but failed attempts at saying adios to Ego. Or anybody just looking at Eckhart and saying “Huh?”

I reiterate, I am not by any means mocking Eckhart or the book. I get a lot of it and am practicing. But apparently my ego is one stubborn, persistant lil’ devil cuz the thoughts keep on a comin.

For example:

Eckhart- To bring yourself to the Present, ask yourself “Am I still breathing?”
Me(aka EGO) No shit sherlock! Yes, that’s me, ALIVE, so yes breathing. Duh.

Eckhart- Ask, “What is my relationship with the present moment?”
EGO- It’s boring. Like baseball. Bring on future with wealth and trips and fun, woohoo!

So I have work to do. This is only Chapter 1 after all. By Chapter 10 my post shall simply be:

I Am.

And that will be all because I will be enlightened. Okay, well partially awakened maybe. I Am would be awfully boring wouldn’t it.

Which brings me to some questions for Eckhart:

1. Can you be enlightened with a sense of humour (because humour is often poking fun at others or yourself)?

2. How do you live in the Present but be prepared for the future (in business, for retirement, anticipating your child’s needs, etc)

3. How do I live in the Present when my Ego is pretty damn sure all those annoying habits my husband does are really, truly, freakin annoying?

That is all I have for Chapter 1.

What? It is what it is after all…


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