Ode to Illness

Nothing like a flu bug that drapes you over the toilet to realize how badly your toilet needs a cleaning. Ugh.

Nothing like being sick with a sick kid to remind you that being a mother is the HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD. Ugh.

Anyone watch Brothers & Sisters? Well, the last episode rings true to my life right now. Kitty is sick and miserable so calls her mommy to comfort. Only Kitty is now a step-mom to two sick kids demanding her attention. She’s sick and bitchy and does not feel all that motherly. She needs her mom. Only her mom gives her a dose of realty. “Remember having chicken pox” she asks Kitty. Kitty does. She remembers her mom’s comfort and homemade soup. Kitty’s mom, on the other hand, remembers having 3 other kids with chicken pox at the same time. She remembers having a cold herself. She remembers their dad was away and all she wanted to do was curl up in bed and sleep. Her message? Suck it up bitch. Your a ‘mom’ now so do what you have to do.

I remember this today as I console my girl, rub her back and reassure her between heaving into the toilet myself. Ugh.

I remember having chicken pox as a girl. I too remember my mom’s comfort and while the soup certainly was NOT homemade, it was made. I also remember feeling slightly resentful that she was trapping me in darkness. That was the thing back then. To stay in complete darkness. I did not understand (still do not) and sensed that life was going on out there without me. It was unfair, I thought. I could be spotted and itchy and play but not go to school. Yes, that would be fair. But mom’s know best and mom knew to envelop me in darkness and rub my head.

What occurs to me only now, is that she did that (along with some serious medicine), so that I would sleep. Sleep so that she could then call school to explain why I wasn’t there, call in sick to work, call coworkers to cover her ass, get my brother ready for school, make me comfort foods, stoke the fire (real wood stove), pay bills, clean, consult a doctor, shower, feed the dog, and on and on and on.

And you can bet your ass the one thing she did not do in that time, was blog… Ugh.


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