Almost Free Dog

Dog for Sale! Dog for Sale!

Great value for it’s worth. So cheap, it’s almost free for you (stolen line from my mom having just returned from a cruise in Mexico where everything was ‘almost’ free)

Price negotiable*.

Not too big. Not too small. But just right. She fits anywhere you want her.

She loves to sleep and play and run. She’s fabulous with kids and is completely joyful upon playing dress-up.

She’s a clean dog and showcases this by refusing to sleep on her bed after having peed on it the day before. She prefers the couch (but will also refuse it if peed upon)
If a mud puddle just happens to attack her, she will immediately start cleaning herself by shaking as often and as close to you as she can if only to prove what a clean dog she loves to be.

Finally, she is an entirely loyal, social dog who just loves to love. She loves to love soooo much, that when left alone, something like this may occur:

But don’t worry, she will never do it in your own home. Only your dog sitter’s (former)!

Great family dog who loves to love, requires owners who really love to love in return.

*subject to cost of carpet, door and wall repairs.


2 thoughts on “Almost Free Dog

  1. You have a dog sitter?

    We need one…my mom loves our dog..but is not keen on Large dog in her home….not even grandog.

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