Body Idioms

Now is not the time to tell my daughter she can not do something. She is 16 months old and she can be anything she wants to be.

Her room’s theme is to ‘Explore. Dream. Discover.” taken from my favourite Mark Twain quote.

So now is not the time to teach her can’t.

The thing is, in our wordy world of idiomatic english, you can be an ass. You can be a knucklehead, a head case, nosey and all ears. You can be chopped liver, weak at the knees, a brown noser and cheeky. You can even be eye candy.

But what you can not be, is a belly button. I have never known anybody to be a belly button, no matter how you phrase it.

Kaya is old enough to know her body parts. She will point to her nose, eyes, ears and teeth when asked. But when asked “Where is your belly button?” she adamately refuses to point at her belly button. She always, ALWAYS, points at herself. She gives the universal finger point at her chest to say ‘this is me!’

“I am belly button!” she proudly exclaims the only way she knows how.

She is belly button.

I can’t say can’t to that.


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