Girls Will be Girls

It would seem that Kaya may be very much a girly-girl. We have given her dollies, stuffies and trucks in equal numbers. She will play trucks.

But she loves her stuffies. She loves to kiss them and cuddle them and give them her sippy cup to drink from. This is especially hilarious in her 15 month old brain.

I am not sure she even knows who ‘mommy’ is. But ask her to distinguish between Sumi, Lulu, Mimi, Emily and Bula and she will gladly show you. She will happily search high and low for each one asked for and bring them over for me to also kiss and cuddle. When then asked “Where’s mommy?” she points at a picture of Santa (a somewhat terrifying picture of Santa by the way) and then walks away.

Her other fascination right now is sitting by her favourite cupboard filled with dish towels, pulling them out one by one (or in one fell swoop of a pile) and draping them over her head and shoulders.

If she is not doing this, she is taking one in each hand and shaking them like a pom-pom. It is horrifying. So like any parent in serious denial, we ignore this all too obvious midget cheerleader, and pretend she is simply doing a dual towel power hockey cheering swing. “Go Canucks Go!” we chant taking solice in the fact that hockey does not don cheerleaders. Yet…

The other day Kaya hit the motherload. She found a pile of mommy’s clothes on the floor not put away.

She had fun and I got to read a whole chapter without interruption. So for now, and only for now, I will tolerate lingerie on her head. *sigh*


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