Does anybody else…

Does anybody else

feel immense satisfaction at finishing a bottle of shampoo?

grab their required toilet paper before finishing (sometimes even before starting) your business?

wonder when Vancouver became known as Metro Vancouver?

pour milk over their steeping tea?

not make their bed?

find Pamela Martin (local news anchor) incredibly annoying?

daydream about winning the lottery to fall asleep?

think Scrabulous is the greatest innovation of 2007?

ignore their hairdresser for far too long?

not know how to tip or to who?

know if I was supposed to say ‘to whom’ above?

Cuz I do.


2 thoughts on “Does anybody else…

  1. I certainly do… but cannot seem to articulate LOL! You know who else is annoying? The weather girl Tamara Taggart. Scrabbulous is FANTASIC but on Facebook it’s annoying when it’s DOWN.

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