Never say Never

Our baby will sleep in her bassinet, NOT with us.

Until she was born and then for the first 3 months we were co-sleepers, shared-bed, aren’t-you-gonna-squash-your-baby parents.

There will be no eating in the car.

Until the first roadtrip when we realized that if we stopped for every mealtime, snacktime, drink time, our 5 hour journey would turn into a multi day affair.

I don’t understand watching DVD’s in the car.

Until the realization hits like my brother’s dvd collection slamming me over and over in the head, that well, duh, it occupies children for like an hour.
An hour without whining in a confined space = mommy sanity

How can that mom let her baby climb all over the cart like that?

Until I just let her out of my site for 10 seconds! I turned to grab some yogurt and there she is, standing in the seat part of the cart, ready for a topple. 10 seconds and she had never even come close to climbing before!

Don’t the parents watch their kids?

Mom thought Dad had the gate up. Dad was upstairs thinking Mom was watching daughter. Dad did not have the gate up. Mom was cooking and assumed it was so let daughter roam unworried. Til Dad discovered Daughter at the top of the stairs by herself.

A child who finds their way into the toilet is not funny, it is disgusting.

Until it is really, really funny. Oops, another 30 seconds this time. Gate was up, baby roamed while Mom types email. All is quiet. Mom suspects trouble. Mom walks in to toilet paper roll completely unwound, half of it in the toilet along with Daughter’s hands. We both laugh because it’s really cute to have toilet germs.

She will not wear pink.

Until having a daughter turns this tomboy mommy into the girly self she never was and those pink things are just too cute and she must have them.

We are going to be minimilist parents. Our child does not need countless toys, especially plastic ones that make noise.

Until the gifts keep coming and the Daughter keeps pressing the sound-making buttons and the short attention span of one year olds becomes glaringly obvious and as many distracting toys that you can have is so much better.


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