Kick a Chicken With It

Bal and I are a little stale right now. Not in a we’re fighting or bickering or gonna-have-an-affair sort of way. Just in a we’ve-known-each-other-a-really-long-time-and-we’re-so-totally-predictable sort of way.

And this is glaringly evident when it comes to roadtrip time. Confined space, long hours, monotonous passing of time. We know what each other is going to say before we say it.

I feel like we forgot something.
Dammit, I forgot (fill in the blank).
I need coffee.
It would suck to be a flagger.
I have to pee.
I’m so happy it’s not raining.
I hate driving at night.
Did you bring JT? (and that is not me asking)
How much longer do you think?
Do you know where we’re going?
Are you sure?
Are we in a race?
Don’t forget there’s cops along here.
Are you really sure?
What an asshole! (to many, many, many drivers on the road)
I need coffee.
Do you have to pee?
I have to pee (after passing the exit)
This sucks.
My back hurts.
Why do we forget water and snacks EVERY time?
I’m dehydrated.
I’m cold.
I’m hot.
Quit turning the temperature nob!

aerghio;oerutc mjknfghsidacpo, fdimgunidc o

oops, sorry, that was my head slumping forward on the keyboard out of pure, unadultarated BOREDOM! I am impressed that you are still with me. So I will finish off strong.

The only thing that does manage to liven up our roadtrips (besides our daughter throwing cracker crumbs throughout the car) is Bal’s ‘confusion’ at countless songs.
Then I laugh. I laugh long and I laugh hard. And Bal? Well he just shakes his head and insists that he is right.

So instead of the FooFighters singing “There goes my Hero/he’s ordinary” Bal will sing “There goes my Hero/he’s old and hairy!”


instead of singing “Gettin Jiggy Wit It” by Will Smith, Bal will sing “Kick a chicken with it”

Now to be fair, I do not recall if Bal has mis-sung either of these songs. I can not recall off hand which songs he has butchered, only that I giggle often at his expense when he does.

These mis-heard lyrics are courtesy of The Archive of Misheard Lyrics which I just googled and am finding more enjoyable then I should.

Anyways, it’s getting late and as the Ramones aptly stated “I wanna peice of bacon…”

Ummm, sorry, “I want to be sedated.”

Same, same but different.


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