Bal is suffering from a pretty serious disorder. It is something he really does not like to discuss.

The symptoms occur most drastically during sporting events. But also in unfinished conversations, semi-Kaya milestones, and half-scratched lotto tickets.

It’s scientific name is Wouldyaf*^&*waittilyouknowwhatisgoingon.

But in laymans terms it is known simply as, Premature Exclamations.


2 thoughts on “Psychosomatic

  1. Heh! This guy over here is “The Spaz.” Big time.

    Hey you have a ton of possts for me to read! I think I lost your link or something… I wil catch up after work tonight.

  2. HAHA. I’m just anticpating the goal, the touchdown, the lotto win, just plain anticipating!!!

    if i believe it, doesn’t that mean it will happen?

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