A Super Power

Please comment today with even just a simple yes or no. I just want to get an idea if I am stupid or not.

Have you ever heard the word ‘invigilate’ before?

And is it wrong that I love the word so much that my new inspiration is to become an ‘Invigilator’? Okay true, I do not, by any means, actually want to be an Invigilator in its dictionary form. I do want to be my brains fantastical idea of what this very Superhero-esque word may be. The Invigilator.

I already have my song, costume and super power picked out.

Last question. Do you think maybe I’ve been watching to much of ‘Heroes’?

A simple ‘yes. yes. and yes.’ to my questions will suffice. Or ‘no. no. and no.’ as the case may be. Or a combo. You get my point.

Invigilator out.


5 thoughts on “A Super Power

  1. Just so you know! Your mother has “invigilated” many times. Does that give her super hero status.
    So Yes, No, Yes! But hey! you gotta love your super heroes, right?

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