To my Birthday Girl

(I’m late posting this but finally found some time!)

Happy Birthday Kaya!

Your 1st birthday culminates a year of firsts. First bath, smile, cold, roll over, food, tooth, crawl, words. These are the firsts to record in the baby books. But it is other firsts that I will remember more.

Like your first pooping face that made you look just like Grumpy of the Seven Dwarfs. I do not know anyone else who is serenaded to while they poop but every time your lips puckered, brows scowled and body tensed, dad and I broke out into a spirited rendition of ”whistle while you work- whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo!”

Or you first adventures in a year filled with adventures. We worried about taking you on your first camp trip at 8 months, in May, in the rain and cold. But it was you who did the best of all of us wrapped in your pink fleece bundle-me and knitted toques from Nana. You who loved the sound of rain slamming into the tarps and water pouring into our site creating a really funny mud pit for Riley to run in. You slept the best you ever have and charmed even the most hypothermic among us with your smiles.

Your first ice skate was great fun. The air was crisp, the lake frozen, the stroller ready to slide and swivel in chase after mommy, daddy and Riley-roo as we all acted like young kids without a care in the world. Change seasons, and this time Alice Lake provides you with your first swim. It was 37 degrees and we were beyond hot! So off we went to the lake and you did not even hesitate in hanging out with mom as she walked right up to her shoulders in the lake.

Other adventures included your first ridiculously long line-up to get your very first passport so you could go on your first ever plane ride. Much the way mommy glared at the government passport people, mommy was this time the one being glared at by every single person exiting the plane after being stuck in a flying metal tube with a crying baby for 2 hours. Oh well, at least we decided to take you to San Francisco instead of Costa Rica for your first trip!

Some events over the past year have been more adventurous for mom than for you. Like your first chomp down of my booby after getting your first teeth. OUCH! But then, it was probably my fault anyways what with all that laughing I was doing while watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. I laugh, you are startled, you bite. Lesson learned.

Other firsts of note have nothing to do with anything at all happening. Like when I woke up in the morning after an 8 hour in a row sleep. Instead of praising the Great Almighty Being for a full night of Bliss filled sleep, I instead shot up, raced to your room and looked you over in a panic to make sure you hadn’t done something silly like bang your head against the rail so hard you gave yourself a concussion and subsequently passed out. (What? It is not that irrational of a fear! You went through a very real head banging phase!) But no, you were sleeping soundly (or had been until I rudely woke you up.)

Speaking of head bang, who can forget your unrelentless giggles at your mom head banging to Black Sabbath which played continuously on a popular car commercial. Or giggling at Riley (and your cousins too) spinning and jumping. Or you giggling as dad throws you in the air or zerberts your belly. You are a fantastic giggler. So many of your firsts have resulted in your giggling and if not you giggling, than most certainly me and dad giggling.

I think that is a good first lesson in your first year of life (and every year forever). Giggling is good. Simple. Basic. May you always giggle those giggles and share them with the world.

Love forever,


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