Noticably Absent

No time. No inspiration. No words to write. But I have been reading again. Reading after a large timespan merely flipping through various parenting books. I forgot how much I love reading. So thanks to Claudia (a new reader I have most assuredly lost in my absence from blogdomville) I will add in a Book meme.

Total number of books owned: hundreds. Although when I was making room for baby, I did a clean sweep of my books, keeping only my absolute faves, and took them to the local bookstore to sell. With all my credit I bought more, only they were kids ones. I have since doubled my clean sweep with inspiring titles such as Alligator Pie, That’s Not My Dinosaur, and Snuggle Puppy.

Last book bought: Eat, Pray, Love (before it was ever on Oprah) by Elizabeth Gilbert and The Okay Book by Todd Parr (where we learn that ‘It’s okay to be big or to be small and it’s okay to put a fish in your hair.’)

Last book read: The Wreckage by Michael Crummey

5 books that mean a lot to you:
1.Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr Seuss because I received a copy for my graduation, gave out one for my sister’s graduation and passed along my own to my one year old daughter.

2.South America on a Shoestring LonelyPlanet guide book- It is filthy, the pages are torn and curled, and every single page has been scoured numerous times (sometimes for pleasure, sometimes in haste) and just the sight of it has the power to vault me back into the most adventurous 5 months of my life!

3.Native Speaker by Chang-Rae Lee. A powerful book of a man trying to figure out his place in the world. Read at a time when I too was not sure where I belonged or if I belonged.

4.I can’t choose so two fit here at #4. The Unsavvy traveller- women’s comic tales of catastrophe & The Idiot Girls Action Adventure Club. They go together because they both tell the tales of, well, unsavvy-idiot women. And that is me.

5. Mother Shock: Loving Every (Other) Minute of it because it kept me sane and made me laugh and had me crying and assured me others felt this way too when I was up at 3am nursing my crying baby with cracked nipples and no clue.

There you have it. Some much loved books. Now I’m off to read my newest library book Consumption (or if Kaya has her way, first I will be reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See? several times over)


3 thoughts on “Noticably Absent

  1. oh really?! so wierd cuz my brain kept telling me, ‘go to your blog, go to your blog. write something woman!’ i can’t even believe it had been a month. where does the time go?!

    the strike has got to end soon! of course, people were saying that 8 weeks ago… hopefully it’s not stinky in your neighborhood 🙂

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