Had a Bad Day

What a day.

I was given bad news on an upcoming project.

I met with a government guy. This means droning commentary and convoluted paperwork for one hour that feels like ten.

I have a cold.

Worse, Kaya has a cold.

I wipe snot all day. Much of it ends up on my fingers. Is it just me, or do tissue papers just not cut it?

I have a yeast infection. Which means I am itchy. Arrrrrrggggggg.

I scratch myself when I can take it no longer and am caught. Sigh.

I have my period.

So with cramps, bloating, itchiness, snot, phlegm, boredom and all around annoyance, I did not fulfill my pledge of ‘Smile and Smile Back’

Thinking back on the day and it occurs to me that Smiles are not near as easy as spreading filth:

Government guy spread an alarming amount of yawns.

Kaya and I spread germs far and wide seeing as she doesn’t know how to cover her mouth and I don’t carry bacterial hand wipes.

When you’ve got an itch, sometimes a girl has got to just scratch. So too does the construction worker witnessing your ‘just-adjusting-my-pants-and-not-scratching-my-wahoo-honestly-adjusting-only-really’ who may have fallen for it but absentmindedly grabs his balls shortly thereafter anyways.

Hell, even menstrual cycles are contagious apparently. Get woman together and their flows unite! But if that’s far-reaching, then you can bet my bad attitude and all around bitchy behaviour spread like wild fire today.

Making the world a better place all around…


One thought on “Had a Bad Day

  1. LOL what a great rant… almost like MY life! Minus government guy *snicker*
    I clicked your link on Wetcoast Women, Hello!

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