Penniless Weekend

I vowed to not spend one single penny for one entire weekend. I was successful in that venture. I even managed some fun. We went to the ocean to watch some masochists (ehem, i mean, kiteboarders) flail themselves into the mercy of the wind and the cold, Pacific ocean waters.

Getting windblown is free. Taking pictures and not having them developed (love you digital) is free. Eating semi-cooked weiners from the masochists (sorry, kiteboarders) is also, apparently, free (albeit disgusting).

Sadly, many, many other things are not free. I have never wanted- no, needed – a Chai Latte so badly in my life.

Is it wrong that I briefly considered a part time job at Dairy Queen after passing their sign announcing employees get one free meal per shift?

Now, staying at home and watching bad summer tv is definately free. But watching Big Brother 8 alcohol free is not advisable at all. Booze, sadly, is not free.

Do you know what else is not free? Movies. I have not been to the movie theatre in at least one year. So tell me people, what came over me and my insatiable desire to watch Evan Almighty or Sicko that weekend? A freakin documentary on the American healthcare system or a biblical comedy. That’s what was so essential to see?!

At any rate, I did none of it. I stayed true to my vow and did not spend any money. My bank account thanks me. My obsessed brain-of-desires does not. I guess my family thanks me. We probably did things like talk. Maybe we bonded. Probably we had some precious family moments. Forgive me for not really remembering. I seemed to have blocked them out. All those home-cooked meals, long, meaningful (sober) chats and quality time with our daughter must have been way too good to be true.

That, or I just have a real hankering to put the kid in bed, drink beer and order some pizza.


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