A Scattered Tale of Friends

With the advent of Facebook, I have been thinking a lot about friends: Old ones, new ones, true friends, and acquaintences. Good-to-hear-from-you-again-friends and not-sure-you-want-to-go-there-again-‘friends’.

Many think Facebook feels a lot like highschool. Who’s got more friends? Which clubs (or applications) do you belong to? Who’s richer, prettier, changed?

Or maybe it’s not like that at all. Maybe it’s just great fun to see what everyone is up to. Maybe it crushes all those pre-conceived notions of what you thought a person was way back when. Suddenly the kid you babysat is all grown up. The ‘cool’ crowd (or bitches depending on how you saw them from one day to the next) are incredibly sweet, wonderful people. The players are family men. The coworkers are newly hilarious.

It is impossible to stay close with every friend all of the time. We each go through different stages of our life at different times: degrees, travel, careers, kids. Some are forced to face with addictions or health issues or loss. Friends grow apart. Sometimes you simply can not relate. Paths go in opposite directions. But sometimes, unexpectadly, far down the road, your paths converge again. This is what facebook is doing. Reconnecting friends.

I have friends on there that I have known as far back as Kindergarten. I have highschool friends, college friends, friends from living in Korea, and friends from on the road.

Of course, status updates and short, informal wall posts give just a glimpse into your friends lives. There is no substitute for one on one friend interactions. Which is exactly why our August long weekend camping getaway was so successful. A bunch of friends getting together to chat, laugh, hang out, play games and laugh some more.

A lot has changed with this group of friends over the last couple of years. We used to get together in a secluded forestry campsite with a ton of booze, partying all night and enjoying plenty of daytime naps. Now it’s close to home in a provincial site where we get full hook up only to be able to plug in the baby monitors. The babies nap and us parents are in bed by midnight (at the very latest!)

Some things, however, never change.

We still make fun of each other mercilessly. One guy strolls out of his tent sporting a sweater draped over his shoulders. “Hey Chad (not his name) Are we headed to tennis club and tea?” He is bombarded with comments of golf, if his boyfriend Blake is stopping by (not politically correct sure, but funny nonetheless) and how pretty he looks. I am reminded of the Super Rich Lotto 649 commercials with the guy in pink socks. He wears his sweater like that all weekend. Others join him.

We still sing/listen to an ecclectic mix of music. So what if Guns n’ Roses, Kalan Porter, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, JT, Coldplay and Scissor Sisters is mixed with There’s a Wocket in my Pocket…

We still tell scary stories around the firepit. What? Csections, episiotimes and baby surgeries (courtesy our fantastic surgical nurse friend) are terrifying tales!

We still laugh at exclamations such as “Oh Yeah Baby!!” Sure, once upon a time this would have been us making fun of one couple having a not so quiet rendez-vous in their tent. This weekend however, it was a 2 year old boy repeating it over and over just because we all thought it was so cute and funny. Come on. Yell it in your best baby voice and tell me that’s not funny!!

We still think we are all brilliant and are going to strike it rich. How could we not with our inspired inventions of silent zippers, propane dishwashers, a camping clean-up service (with breaky included) and the especially clever Ghetto Baby Line (with its bestselling cardboard box playpens).

We are lucky to have each other. It’s not even that we’re all in similiar places in our life. Some are richer. Some are single. Some are city, other country folk. It’s more about our life philosphies. My fride magnet perhaps sums it up best:

“Embrace the total geek in yourself. Life is too short to be cool.”

Yup, that pretty much sums us up. Love you my friends!!


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