Don’t feel like Writing, Writing…

Wow, it’s been almost a month since I last wrote. Some of this can be attributed to writer’s block. I feel little inspiration of late. Some because I’ve been focusing on photography more than writing. Lots because I have a 9 month old who no longer happily lays there giggling up at some obnoxious mobile going around and around and no longer has 3 or 4 naps a day. Now she wants action. Constantly. Which means I get to play a lot! Then there is facebook. Damn you facebook and your drawing me in for hours power…

As always, I jot down notes when something humourous or unexpected occurs. The write up afterwards just is not happening. So for now, here are some of my various jotted down notes:

-sitting around the table with family of Filipinos as they talk about noses. Bal’s mom thinks we should massage the top of Kaya’s nose so it is not so flat. We insist she’s gorgeous the way she is and to nevermind, she’s proud of her Filipino heritage! His mom laughs outright. Tells story now to Filipino table. They all want different noses and insist Kaya’s nose will change. “After all,” retorts one insistent cousin “Bal’s nose is not so flat. It is a little pointy!” Everyone, including myself and Bal, laughs outright.

Pointy Noses

-if Bal’s moms houses wordly possessions are not wrapped in plastic, then they are wrapped in either saran wrap or tin foil.

-Kaya craziness (drunkeness, psychoticness, giggliness, spasticness) on plane ride home followed by high pitched screaming.

-new phobia. Teenagers.

-San Fran Foot Fetish

-ludacy of US airports. They made me take Kaya’s little pink baby runners off! True, I may be able to smuggle oh, let’s say, ummm, some nailclippers through. Or a safety pin. Very usefull weapons when hijacking an airplane.

-facebook addiction. Worse than crack. Popularity contest, friendly reunions or stalking IT style, you be the judge.


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