Dear Daddy,

My Mommy says I have been a bad girl today. I just think I am very funny and having a good time.

Mommy was busy putting away groceries and I was so very hungry. So I thought I would help myself to a tasty treat. Honest Dad, I didn’t know that was my Mommy’s favourite!

Mommy says I’m not allowed to have chocolate yet. Being a baby is very hard you know.

So instead she made me some mush for lunch. It was green and yucky and I didn’t much feel like eating it. After sticking out my tongue, spitting it out and then sneezing all over Mommy (she’s wearing green today so she matches my mush now!), she gave up and went into the kitchen to get a facecloth. She must have been cleaning herself off cuz she took waaaay too long. I got bored so I reeeeached veeeeery far and gave Green Mush a 2nd chance all by myself!

I guess Mommy thinks I’m hilarious ‘cuz she took my picture while I smooshed my hands in mush (heehee, it’s funny when you rhyme!) I got very excited while showing off for my Mom and, well, this is what happened:

Since Mommy was too busy taking pictures of me, my doggy cleaned up the mess.

Me and doggy should have some hilarious poops later today. Can’t wait til you get home!!

Love & Giggles,

Mommies lil Menace (I don’t know what that means but Mommy calls me this all the time so it must mean something really cute & adorable)



4 thoughts on “Dear Daddy,

  1. Of course Mommies L’il menace means you are the cutest and cuddliest of all babies in all the world

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