It is all about the flooding right now. Flooding of rivers. Flooding of thoughts.

Most of BC is on flood watch right now as the rivers continue to rise. People are receiving evacuation notices and are on high alert. While my house is not threatened, it is my mind that I worry about.

Words, desires, ambitions and necessities wash in and out of my head. Daughter, lessons, travels, dog, business, money, writing, photography, inspirations, aspirations, work, finances, values, love, ambition, basic needs, entrepreneur, daycare, stay-at-home, dreams, ventures, health, balance, path, focus, intentions…

This is my brains flow. The flood banks are breaking. The once small side streams surge. Thoughts and memories and dreams swirl.

It is time for decisions to be made. Do I sink or swim, so to speak. Take the plunge or play it safe. I must choose a path. I only wonder if one path intersects with another. Does one lead to higher ground?

I do not know the answers right now. I only know that after the flooding will come calm. Then renewal and revitalization. No matter the path I choose.


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