Blue Rodeo and Butt Crack

A conversation driving home on the I5 from 3 days camping in Washington:

“Where ya going?” I ask Bal who is sort of weaving in and out of lanes.

“To Infinity and Beyond!”

“Hmmm… I’d rather just go home.”

“Yah, me to. But I’m following that van (with a big Infinity sign on it) cuz I like his speed.”

“Okay, but lets stick with Infinity and no Beyond kay? I’d like to make a good first impression with Beyond and that’s not going to happen the way we stink.”

“Huh?” he ignores me while passing Infinity.

“What happened to following Infinity and Beyond?”

“Infinity is too slow now.”

“Does that mean we’re Beyond then? Cuz it’s overrated.”

“So anyways, did you notice all the butt crack this weekend?!”


Which leads me to what I was starting to write about before remembering that scintulating conversation.

We spent 3 days in the US camping. Nothing huge to report. Kaya had her first camping trip. We hung out and had fun with tons of great friends. It rained. Our huge group BBQ on the beach turned into a big group get together at Applebees.

Sadly, the thing that stands out most from our trip is, indeed, all the butt crack. Everywhere we went, we bore witness to butt crack. Which begs the question, when did butt crack become as common (and sexy??) as cleavage? Seriously. Do all these people purposefully show off their crack or is there a national conspiracy to not make pants that fit? Instead of turning away in disgust, should I instead be donating my drawers? This is what I want to know.

Finally, the only reason Blue Rodeo is in the title is because I am listening to the just downloaded Greatest Hits cd that I was inspired to do after listening to it sitting around the campfire with babies and friends and hot chocolates in hand as we discussed how old we are and changed are our May long weekends. Gone are the late nights (into early mornings), rowdy drinking games and sleepy days. But some things never change. Good friends around a hot fire laughing and sharing stories with each other. Only now there are kids added to the mix. Kids bent over scooping up rocks and shells and bugs. Bent over showing off their own butt cracks I notice.

Ah, what’s a little butt crack between friends anyways 🙂


6 thoughts on “Blue Rodeo and Butt Crack

  1. Not too sure about how nasty your butt crack was, but believe me I see it daily and I see it in jail, so i think i’ve got you beat.

  2. That is hilarious Oddmix! If I were rich, that would be what I would do to help out mankind. By Crack Spackles and wander the streets passing them out to all who need it 🙂

  3. I bet a lot of these people don’t even realize, or at least don’t like, the fact they have their butt cracks showing.

    I spent a couple months obvlivious to the fact that I had plumber’s butt everytime I sat down. Since then, when people finally started telling me, it’s been an ongoing struggle, Ive tried different pants, etc…my crack always seems to pop out.

    I apologize to anyone out there who may have accidentally seen it. I know its not pretty and I’m workin on fixing it!

    Seriously, though, obviously Im not alone with this problem

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