Must Vent

Must vent now.

Maybe if I get it all off my chest, the bad luck will end and onto the good. Okay, so I make it sound as if my life is so horrible. That I am so hard done by. Hardly. Overall, life is great. But sometimes a girl needs to vent!

1. The Honda died. Again. We payed a few hundred dollars and it is fixed for the time being but how long til the next break down and a few more hundred dollars. We need money.

2. We need a new vehicle. We need money. How are we supposed to camp or go anywhere this summer in our car with no A/C and limited space? I’m not sure how it’s going to happen.

3. Kaya went 5 days constipated and MISERABLE! She cried and wailed and made it all the worse by refusing to nurse. Constipated, hungry and dehydrated. Lovely combo.

4. My camera broke. 6 bloody weeks ago! And still not fixed.

5. The Government is demanding money from us from 2003 saying that we were common-law at that time. Can the government tell me when I am married and not allow us to make that choice ourselves? Can the government suggest to me that perhaps if we were seperated (because of jobs, travel, etc) so often, then perhaps it was not a good idea to buy a place together? Cuz that, my friends, is exactly what they are telling me. When I suggested the government has no say in my personal relationship, she told me that they did, in fact, when it concerns taxes. Losing battle I guess. We need money.

6. The Canucks blew a 2-0 lead. I still can’t f^&*$# believe it.

7. Yesterday our computer died. Crashed. Kapoot. Dead. I am using an old beast Bal dug up from his graveyard of harddrives. It is loud and slow and annoying. We need a new computer. We need money.

Sadly, the absolute best and brightest thing that has happened to me in a week has to do with poo. Yes, poo. Finally, after 5 horrendous days, Kaya finally pooped! I have never been so thrilled to clean the stinkiest, dirtiest diaper ever. Oh god, I am so, so a Mom now. Poo. The best thing? Yup. Genuinely thrilled about it. Will talk all day about it if you let me! Back off childless and/or single people. You too will get it some day. Trust me 🙂


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