Sun Run Done!

It took us 76 minutes to finish the Vancouver Sun Run. One hour, 16 minutes. Not too bad.

54,317 people were there and I finished in 26,004th place. Somehow, even though we crossed the line at exactly the same time, Bal finished in 25,996th place. We are so proud of ourselves considering we had to start at the back of the pack since we had the stroller with us. We ran almost the entire way, only opting out of the 2 hills leading up to the bridges.

My bladder also demanded a stop. I attempted an outhouse stop twice, only to be stuck in a very slow line (I think people were using the toilet as an opportunity to sit for a few minutes without being busted) and as I watched hundreds of runners that we had just weaved through, run by us again, I abandoned the line both times.

I wouldn’t have had to stop to pee had I known we didn’t actually start at 9am. Because we were in the back, we started at more like 10am. But once in your starting section, you are gated in and there really is no turning back so my bladder came calling. Next year I’ll be more prepared.

Next year it will also not be necessary for me to flash my booby to 54,000 people. Kaya would not eat before entering our section. I tried a quiet coffee shop. I tried a bench away from the masses of crowds. I tried an apartment lobbies floor. No success. No, she wanted to wait an hour longer than her usual feed so that we were dead centre in our section, with no way out, hundreds of people directly surrounding us before she decided it was time to eat. So out popped the booby- the little old couple, young men and prissy people around us be damned.

All in all, a great day, successful run and #8 checked off of my ‘We are What we Do-Changing the World’ list. #8- Get Fitter, Feel Better.

And I do feel better. Beyond the sore ass, aching calves and cracking knees, I really do feel healthier, if not look so.


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