Half a Milestone

I don’t know why but whenever I email Bal at work, I can never just end with a ‘later.’ It seems boring. So I instead say later gator, or ciao which quickly became chowder, over and out, pickles & pumpernickels, etc. One day, on a whim, I typed ‘over and in’ cuz ‘over and out’ got too boring.

Bal responded with ‘any reason for over and in? u’re crazy!’

Which had me respond with a ’10-3 good buddy.’

As opposed to 10-4. I just did it to confirm my insanity. But later Bal pointed out 10-3 is actually Kaya’s birthday so in actuality, I was just being really funny and brilliant without even knowing it.

All this to say that today Kaya is 6 months old! I wrote this for her scrapbook but what the hell, I’ll add it in here too:

Dear Kaya,

This month has been filled with laughter. Your Dad and I chuckling at all the funny things you do. You laughing at all the funny things you are discovering in the world; you know, hilarious things like lamps and fingers in front of your face.

You don’t particularly love any of your toys yet. Those do not make you laugh. Your Mom, Dad and Dog, however, are beyond hilarious!

When Mommy giggles, you giggle which makes me giggle even more. My absolute favourite time of day is first thing in the morning when you wake up chatting. Coo’s and goo’s and ga’s , as content as can be. Walking in, I am immediately welcomed with your huge, gummy smile and bright, alert eyes. “Good Morning Sunshine!” I say everyday and everyday your smile gets a little bit bigger, your eyes a little bit brighter and your arms happily slap up and down. If anyone asked me today “What is happiness for you?” that would be it. That moment to start the day. Then I pick up your smiling self and you hold on to me at my neck nestling yourself into my body. And we start our day together with what will certainly bring so many moments of wonder and delight for the both of us.

Your Dad’s favourite time of day, I’d be willing to wager, is when he gets home from work, walks down the hall and is greeted by your smiling face. You know who your Daddy is and you show off for him as soon as he gets home. You also like to watch him in the kitchen. With me supporting you, you peak over the couch and stare intently at Dad until finally, he looks over. Well, you break out into the biggest smile ever, and often a full on giggle. Already Daddy’s little girl.

We are still trying to figure out if you’re going to be more like your Mom or Dad. Right now you are a combo of both. Out in public you are happy yet quiet. Very much the observer like me. But in the comforts of home, you are your father’s daughter being energetic, social and very, very loud. Whether in your crib or on a blanket on the floor, you lay there and test out those vocal chords of yours. You talk, gurgle and yell on and on and on. Your Dad and I laugh hysterically the entire time and comment how lucky we are to have had such a character! Usually this is expressed in terms of ‘She’s lost her bonkers!’ or ‘She’s so loony!’ or ‘You’re psychos!’ while we grin with absolute pride in the knowledge that you fit right in with the two of us.

Three of us rather. Can’t forget Riley-Roo. You are in love with your dog. You stare longingly at her just itching to be able to crawl over and play. When it suits the Roo, she flops down beside you and gives you a good puppy face wash. You think that is especially funny.

Riley is responsible for your biggest burst of laughter yet. While snug against me in your carrier, we walk to the river, Riley excitedly bounding ahead. I crouch down, with you watching Riley in the river, and I throw her a rock to catch. She bounds after it, splashing us in the process. Expecting you to start crying, I am standing up to dry off your face. But you surprise me. Instead you giggle. Then laugh outright. And you continue to do so rock after rock after rock that I throw. It is the best sound in the world.

E.E. Cummings wrote:

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”

Six months ago you came into our lives. And there has not been one wasted day amongst them.


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