What Not to Do

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Kaya’s first taste of food other than booby milk.

After her first feeding I decide to read a number of baby books on baby’s first meals. They all give slightly different ideas on what to do but all agree on these main points:

1. Sit them in their highchair and get them comfortable in their eating spot first. Do not let them eat elsewhere as it will create confusion and bad habits.
Here Kaya sits, in her bumbo, not highchair and we totally spring it on her.

2. Never EVER laugh at your baby when they spit up their food. It could either give them a complex or make them think it’s a game.
Oh come on! It was freakin hilarious! She’ll get over it 🙂

3. Actually not mentioned in the book but I noticed after watching the video. Give them a tiny spoonfull so they are not completely overwhelmed with this foreign object entering their mouth.
Yes, sure. Good tip myself. But damn, it was much better video the way I did it!


One thought on “What Not to Do

  1. damn! couldn’t see the video because of the work firewall or something. Will have to try from home.

    After Max got use to “people food” one of the best things we found was Minigos – they are thick consistancy so it didn’t spill off the spoon while he tried to maneuver to his mouth and they are little so not as much waste. I’ll send a good pic if I have it here.


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