Chatty Chatterton

Kaya has taken up talking. A lot. She’s only five months old so there are no words. But she has stories to tell. She goo’s and ga’s and oo’s and ah’s. Her little gummy mouth going on and on and on.

Watching movies is a whole new experience when you have a baby. A two hour movie takes approximately four hours and twenty six minutes to watch on average. There are pauses to change a bum, full stops while ending a tantrum, and switch offs where mom watches a part while dad plays with baby and then we switch.

This past weekend the movie was ‘Stranger than Fiction’ which I highly advise. Of course, this comes from a mom watching it in 20 minute increments and scenes seen in partial soundbites. Kaya took it upon herself to sing and gab through much of it, easily overpowering our newly installed surround sound system.

At another point in the day, when we are not trying to concentrate on a movie, Bal sits on the couch, Kaya lays on her playmat and I am in the kitchen. There are no sounds except for the coo’s erupting out of Kaya’s mouth. She talks on telling what we can only imagine are elaborate tales of a 5 month old’s life.

And then she farts. Loud.

“Oh my God,” Bal laughs, a proud look resonating on his face “She talked so hard she farted!”

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘talking out of ones ass’ doesn’t it.


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