Note: Pretend Scenario to Prove a Point

Picture this. A romantic evening in store. The man (or woman) that you love, some flowers, a little wine and soft music.

Fluorescent lights abound and you notice sweat trickling down your partners hairy back. There are no blankets to curl up (and cover up) in as the room is stale and stuffy. In order to avoid getting naked, you escape to the ensuite where you turn on the tap and begin brushing your teeth. There are mumblings on the other side of the door but you ignore them while plotting the quickest and least revealing way to go about this. You decide on a seductively aggressive approach that will leave your man whirling, get the deed done quickly, and save yourself any prolonged glances at rolls and cellulite. You sigh deeply, turn off the tap, and proceed in hopes of just getting it over with.

Now let’s try this again.

Candlelight abounds and you marvel at how your partners skin glistens in the flickering shadows. The room is cool and you eye up the inviting duvet, perfect for cuddling. You smile softly and retreat to the ensuite so you can brush your teeth and slip into something more comfortable. You wet the toothbrush, turn off the tap while starting to brush and hear your partner on the other side of the door. “Ummm… Honey? I hate to tell you this but I think there are signs of my Herpes flaring up. We’d better just pop in a movie and I’ll massage your back.”

“Sounds good to me love!” You smile, turn the tap back on and rinse.

Much better. So easy to complete Actions 7, 10, 21 and 31 from ‘Change the World for $10’

Install at least one energy-saving lightbulb.
Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree.
Turn off unnecessary lights.
Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

It seems quite obvious doesn’t it? Anyways, these are the things I have focused on this past week. During that time it occured to me also that some of the best times of my life have been camping or hiking or travelling where it may be cold with no power or hot water and I have thrived. These are not major sacrifices. They are not even inconveniences. It just has to become habit.

So I leave you now with this age old question:

If the lights are on in an empty room, does anybody see any better?


One thought on “Duh…

  1. yes, I try to do those same things.
    my MIL says we can change the world one person at a time, starting with ourselves.
    or something to that effect…

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