Flashback- April 2006

My previous post regarding unbuttoning my pants made me remember this:

I am 4 months pregnant. It is a beautiful spring day that we have spent indoors shopping for our baby-to-be. We have discovered we have no idea what we are doing nor what we really need. It has been a long day.

We have one more stop before heading home. I am seated in the passenger seat bloated and uncomfortable. I decide Bal can run in and I will wait in the car. I glance over at him while subtly undoing the button on my pants which I can take no longer (time to go maternity shopping I suppose). I let out a sigh of relief. Bal does not notice.

He does not notice, I soon realize upon following his gaze, because he is too busy gawking at the skinny blonde in Juicy pants and sports bra. She shows off toned arms, perfectly defined abs and perky boobs. I immediately hate her. I call Bal on his wandering eyes and he insists he thinks she looks trashy. Good answer.

We head to our final stop whereby Bal gets out to go fetch me the brownie I am so desperately craving. We head home.

Me chomping on the desired brownie and thankful my button is already undone.

Bal realizing it is going to be a very long pregnancy.

Both of us daydreaming about the trashy blonde girl with abs.


2 thoughts on “Flashback- April 2006

  1. Was that meant to depress me? đŸ˜‰

    Now I understood why the women who shopped a Motherhood Maternity hated my skinny little 17yr old self. I don’t know what I was thinking working there anyway.

  2. Too funny! I’m sorry to say I most likely would have hated you Tink đŸ˜‰

    I’m definately glad I didn’t have to be pregnant living in Florida (as I imagine it, all CSI Miami or Miami Ink like) or any other hot climate. It was bad enough here in the summer as I donned my bikini, beach-ball belly and made huge splashes in the local lake full of underage drinkers in thongs…

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