Oopsy Daisies

It is Monday and thus WWC day:

Courtesy of OddMix of course.

This weeks words are Tumble and Twirl. And damn, they were hard ones!

First off, I set off with camera in hand thinking ‘Twirl’ was ‘Topsy Turvy’. I got a picture of this:

This is a sculpture, ‘Spirit of the Haida Gwaii- Jade Canoe’, by renowned Canadian artist Bill Reid. The picture does not do it justice, but if you’re ever in the Vancouver airport, you can not miss it. Filled with people, eagles, beavers, bears and mythical creatures all clambering over one another, this canoe would be incredibly ‘topsy turvy’ if you ask me.

The twirl/topsy-turvy misunderstanding was not the only one of the weekend. I was watching the news one night on a story of cops in the downtown eastside (notoriously known as the worst neighborhood in Canada). One cop was frisking some guy on the street when he finds a crackpipe in one of his pockets.

“You’re supposed to tell me that’s in there.” says the cop somewhat wearily.

“It’s no big deal man” slurs Crack Addict Man. “It’s an antique pipe.”

“Yah, that’s gonna fool him there comedic Crack Addict Man!” I sarcastically retort to the tv. “I’m just taking it now to the Museum of Crack and Whores.” I quip in my best ‘flyin high’ man on the street slur.

“What are you talking about?” Bal questions.

“Crack Addict Man and his antique pipe.”

“You do know you’re a dork right? He said ‘It’s an empty pipe’, not antique.”

And here I had such high hopes that Crack Addict Man, even having lost his family, job, home and life as he knew it, had not lost his originality or sense of humour. But nope, crack makes you dull and uninspired too.

Later that day, Bal thought I was on crack for all the mix-ups I was having.

We were driving along and there was a biker in front of us.

“Look at those two huge legs!” Bal remarks at the biker.

“As opposed to just the one?” I snipe back.

“Well there is only one.” he responds clearly annoyed.


“That dude.”

“Oh…” I finally realize. Look at that dudes huge legs, not two huge legs.

It was just one of those weekends I suppose.

Okay, back to WWC.

Perhaps it was a rough and tumble ride that landed this airplane back in its hangar.

And here is my last night effort at ‘Twirl’ once I realized I had the wrong word. In a series of shots, 1. My desk at home (yes, I sit on a ball- good for the core and all that) 2. My seat at night 3. Seat at night made twirly 🙂


2 thoughts on “Oopsy Daisies

  1. I kept mistaking the words for “Topsy Turvy” too! Not like that made it any easier. Difficult contest this week. But I LOVE your picture of the sculpture. At first I thought it was a statue of a really odd bug. 🙂

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