Plumber Butt

On Tuesday, some guys came in to replace our bathtub that is cracking and keeps cracking after 3 attempts to fix it. To replace the tub, they have to remove the toilet, smash the walls to get into the plumbing behind the tub, remove half of our tiling, and destroy our linoleum floor. They also, apparently, have to blare country crooning, show up at 8am one day and not at all the next, and need 3 men to finish the job of one tiny bathroom. They have also left most of the work unfinished for the weekend, meaning it will be over one week before I get a shower.

I stink and I am bitchy and I am annoyed that I have been banned from my upstairs almost this entire week and they are still not done. They could have at least had the courtesy to allow me to take a sledgehammer to my own walls. It would have done wonders for my congeniality in allowing them into my house day after day.

Thankfully, the $2500 job (probably closer to $3000 at this point) is covered under warranty or I would have already pulled their plunging plumber pants over their cracks and beyond, giving them the wedgy to beat all wedgies until they ran screaming like a banshee (what is a banshee by the way?!!) out of my house never, ever to return.

And that, my friends, is ‘Unsubstantiated Commentary From A Glue Sniffing Culinary School Drop Out’ which came to me by way of the Blog Title Generator which was referred by Tink which was no doubt brought to her by someone else…


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