A Perpendicular Kook

Courtesy of OddMix.

I have to be honest. When Oddmix mentioned that he thought this weeks words, Balance & Parallel, were difficult, I thought “No way! This is going to be so easy.” I thought this since I have, in the past, taken many photos that I would categorize into these words.

They say Art imitates Life.

Photography is my Art.

And damned if I could not take one bloody picture of Balance or Parellel this weekend. My Life, apparently, does not reflect these words right now.

Which is understandable. I do, afterall, have a 4 month old baby. Anybody who has had a baby can empathize with this. My life, right now, is about her. Where I go, what I eat, when I go, how I travel, if I can take a moment and pee even, is about her first. This is not a bad thing. It is just not a balanced thing.

At any rate, on Friday, I set off with stroller, dog, baby, camera, zoom lens, diaper bag, and imagination to take the allusive shots. I walked and looked and walked and gazed and walked and got dazed. There is no balance out here! Nothing is parallel. Words flashed in and out of my mind.

Topsy-turvy, shaky, lopsided, wobbly, zigzag, unsteady, eccentric, entangled, flaky, insane, erratic, wacky, unstable, psycho, screwy, crazed, loco, not of sound mind, kooky, off one’s rocker, fall over, tipping, mishmash…

I tried to get all zen. Breathe. Count to 10. Hoohoo. Breathe.

‘Ah, bloody hell, you’re not in freakin labour woman!’

Clearly annoyed, I get desperate and decide I find something parallel. I pull out the camera to take the shot, hoping I can find an angle that will make it more interesting than it really is.

Camera out. Lense cap off. Switch to ‘On’.


The battery is dead.

There is no balance here.

Kaya starts crying. Riley whines. We head home defeated.

I have every intention of recharging the battery and trying again on Saturday. But it seems as though my girl is starting to teeth. Which means she cries and yells and whimpers and wants to be held and rocked constantly. At the same time, Riley won’t eat. She’s sick and pathetic and I don’t know why. My bathtub is cracked and a plumber is coming in to tear my bathroom apart and that means no shower or bath (akkk!) for me for who knows how many days. The Canucks lost last night after being up 2-0. It is pouring with rain that is almost snow, but not, so it’s slushy and miserable out. I am feeling sorry for myself. My battery never got charged.

So I shall cheat.

Here are some pictures from a time when life was easier and more harmonious (yet not nearly as fullfilling or hilarious!)


Atacama Desert Sand Dune

Garibaldi Lake. We did a 4 day hike and this was at our base camp. Bal was very proud of balancing this rock!

Kayaking the Howe Sound last May.


Bryce Canyon

Whistling Bamboo in Fiji

Dead Trees Silhouette Bowen Island


3 thoughts on “A Perpendicular Kook

  1. Those are great! And there have been a number of weeks when I have resorted to older pictures – it’s really not cheating. Especially when the pictures in question are as good as these.

  2. *Open mouth* Those pictures are amazing! You should submit them somewhere. They’re better than half the “professional” pictures I’ve seen.

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