Good Morning

Please, sing along:

“Good morning, good morning.
It’s great to stay up late!
Good morning, good morning to you…”

This song is stuck in my head and I’ve been regaling Kaya with it for the past 3 days.

To bad it’s a song for Viagra.

Unlike in the US, in Canada it is illegal for advertisers to tell what a prescription drug does. Commercials, therefore, have to be more creative in getting their point across.

Bal would like me to state loud and clear here and now HE DOES NOT NEED VIAGRA! His Dong is just fine thank you very much.

So I will continue by saying this picture following was taken 10 years ago when I lived in Korea, Bal was nowhere around, and I am not sure why I thought this was so funny.

Perhaps it’s because Korea is so traditional and you don’t see any kissing or any public displays of affection beyond hand holding. But there, yelling bold and proud, was a sign for Viagra. Was it for a conference? An ad? I have no idea.

At any rate, I hope you all have a Good morning, good morning…


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