In Need of Couples Therapy

Me to Bal- “Kaya has really strong legs eh? But total noodle arms.”

Bal kind of looks confused but replies- “Heheh. Yah.”

20 minutes later:

Bal turns to me, “Why did you say she has minute [as in mahy-noot, not the time] arms?”

Whereby I proceed to choke on my drink laughing. “Newt arms? That’s hilarious!”

“Hehe. Yah.”

Silence (except for me still snort laughing)

“Phew. Okay. I’m calm. Newt. That’s really funny. As in Newt Gingrich? Isn’t there something else newt? Like a reptile? Or a computer virus or something? But what would Newt Arms be?” Laughing some more.

“No! Not Newt you moron. Minute. As in tiny. Little. Smallish.”

“Ohhhh! Like teensy weensy minute?”

“Yah. Minute. Why would you say she has minute arms? They’re totally rolly polly.”

Once I can breathe and stop laughing, “Not minute! Noodle. She has noodle arms! As in, they just hang there all limp. Like a noodle.”

“Oh noodle! Yah, she totally has noodle arms.”

And that is how a 30 second conversation turns into an all night affair.


3 thoughts on “In Need of Couples Therapy

  1. That’s funny.

    When I was in college and would attend baseball games one of my favorite things to do was yell at the opposing left feilder after he threw a ball and scream “great throw noodle arm!” They would always get pissed.

    I’m sure you totally don’t care about that. But I thought I would share anyway. 🙂

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