Word Worm

It was an intense game of Cranium.

Girls against Guys.

Reputations were on the line. Bragging rights that would go on til the end of time.

Guys are up. Their lil creature is sitting on the yellow Word Worm category. They draw their card and it’s a Blankout. Fill in the Blanks.

“Okay guys, we’ll read your hint and then you can go!”


PUZZLE: _ _ _ c _ i _ _


The timer starts. Pressure is on. The guys stare at the card in anticipation. The girls whisper that they’ll never get it.

The sand falls. Time is passing.

Then the guys have it. They yell.


The guys scream. They holler. They high five and chug their beers.

The girls stare blandly. Disappointed. Wait a minute though. The hint was snack food? Zucchini? A snack food?

We smile knowingly and check the back for the answer.

It is not zucchini.

The guys have not yet caught on. They are ready to roll for their next turn. With chests stuck out in bravado form, we wait for them to beat on their chests chanting “We men. We so smart. Ooo-Ooo.”

Then we break it to them.

“Um, guys. Shall we put the chips away and pull out the zucchini?”

They stare blankly. A few take sips of their beer, starting to catch on.

“Or should we pull out some munchies instead?”


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